Dead Trees

Tree Removal

Don't risk further damage to your property or potential injury. We are licensed and insured for your safety. How to tell if your trees are showing signs of dying (Click).

Clean Up

Worried about how to clear your yard of fallen trees or residual limbs after a bad storm? Let our professional team handle the mess.

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Several signs that may show your tree is starting to decline or is already deceased are:

  • Large amounts of deadwood falling from the tree
  • Early loss of foliage/Foliage not forming completely in the canopy of the tree
  • Large cracks in trunk and large cracks in branch leads/Large hollow cavities
  • Growth of fungi on tree
  • Large amounts of peeling bark
Crack in Tree
Crack in Tree
Cavity in Tree
Cavity in Tree

If you notice any of these signs it’s time to call Red Oak Tree Service and get in touch with one of our estimators who will provide a full free evaluation.