Drainage Solutions

Red Oak offers complete storm water management for your commercial or residential property! Now why is storm water management such a big deal? Due to the increasing rates of rain fall over the years local code and municipalities are requiring property owners to correctly contain and divert storm water properly. When storm water is correctly diverted and handled it can maintain the life of building foundations and surrounding grounds (erosion control)

Licensed Drainage Plumbers

Our technicians have been trained and certified to properly maintain, install, and diagnose issues with these systems. Local code refers to storm water management as (part of the plumbing system). CHAPTER 11 STORM DRAINAGE, 2018 International Plumbing Code (IPC) | ICC Digital Codes (iccsafe.org). Red Oak has licensed plumbers on staff to ensure all systems be correctly worked on. Depending on the location it’s the law to only have a licensed technician work on these systems. Please call to schedule an evaluation with a technician.

Only Use Licensed Parts

Benefits of our work practices starts at the material that we use. Underground piping installed is done to code with non-coex installed underground. Some piping materials are not designed to be direct burial. Over the years we have seen companies that have installed the wrong material underground, this leads to system failure and just overall aggravation.

All pumps, fittings and other materials come directly from our suppliers that only sell to licensed professionals. Local hardware stores get their materials from third party manufactures that do not make quality professional products, we have often seen that those products are made more cheaply and do not last.

Storm water management services include:

  • Interior/Exterior French drain installation, repair, maintenance, and inspections
  • Yard box/Drainage box installation, repair, maintenance, and inspections
  • Underground gutter drain installation, repair, maintenance, and inspections
  • Complex and minor grading solutions, Rated compaction
  • Pump installation, repair, maintenance and inspection
  • Water powered backup installation, repair, maintenance, and inspections
  • Battery powered backup installation, repair, maintenance, and inspections
  • And so much more! Call for details!!

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