Lawn Cutting

At Red Oak we manage many properties ranging in various sizes. Sign up for a lawn contract today and allow us to make your yard look beautiful. Also ask about our free lawn cut offer!

Mulching/Flower bed installation

Looking to change the appearance of your property? Adding flower beds, fresh mulch, and a variety of plants can help create a fresh new look for your property.

Spring/Fall clean ups

We know leaves can get everywhere! They make their way into flower beds, under decks, and into the gutters. When fall or early spring comes around make sure Red Oak is on your call list! Our crew will come out and do our full property clean up to get you ready for the season.


After a very wet season, many problems may arise. Our crew at Red Oak can fix low lying spots on your property that are puddling. We also can re-route those problem gutters to a proper drain field. Contact Red Oak for all your water management and excavation needs

Pressure Washing

Has your sidewalk or your house been subject to green mildew and algae from years of buildup? At Red Oak we have high pressure washers that can blast through any dirt without harming the material underneath. Call today to see how we can bring color back into your siding or sidewalk.


Dead spots in your yard can make it look unappealing. Here is a short video on some tips on how to correct that issue. (courtesy of "This old House ")