Tree Pruning

Tree Removal

Don't risk further damage to your property or potential injury. We are licensed and insured for your safety. How to tell if your trees are showing signs of dying (Click).

Clean Up

Worried about how to clear your yard of fallen trees or residual limbs after a bad storm? Let our professional team handle the mess.

Processing Material

We take care of every step of the removal process including removal and transportation of all processed material. Call (484) 730-1141 for a free estimate.

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There are several pruning techniques that we utilize at Red Oak Tree Service. Depending on the situation we typically will perform:

General PruningEnd Weight Reduction PruningElevation PruningHazard Pruning

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Precision pruning and trimming of trees/shrubs

At Red Oak we try to preserve as much as possible. Allow us to assist you in the treatment of any trees that could be preventing sunlight to plants or branches that are leaning on a structure. Older trees usually contain many dead branches. These dead branches can be very hazardous and create a big risk for you or your neighbor’s property. Our trained crew will prune correctly, maintaining the aesthetics and sustainability of the tree.

Before tree pruning
Before tree pruning
After tree pruning
After tree pruning

General Pruning

General Pruning is a task we perform when a tree has overgrown, and it is growing on to or over a structure or object. Typically, we see some trees that haven’t gotten pruned in years! Right next to a house. The negative side of that Is any branch that may be touching or growing onto a structure or object is a direct access for all insects and wildlife, and secondly large branches can scrape and damage. Contact Red oak Tree Service for all general pruning needs

Elevation Pruning

Elevation Pruning is a task we perform when the branches of the tree are dropping down obscuring the view underneath the tree. Trimming of low hanging branches provides a neater appearance of the tree, which therefore complements the landscape surrounding it. Another benefit is removing low branches will force more growth upward strengthening the canopy of the tree.

End Weight Reduction Pruning

End Weight Reduction Pruning is a task we perform to mitigate storm damage and damage to the growth of the tree. Typically, as trees grow, and the branches increase in size they can begin to droop downward. While elevation pruning removes the entire branch or lead, end weight reduction pruning will remove only some of the branch at the lowest point. Therefore, reduce the weight at the end allowing it to grow upward again. This type of pruning will thin out the canopy of the tree allowing it to be less susceptible to storm damage. Also, this type of pruning reduces the amount of space on a tree for it to hold snow and ice during the winter months.

Hazard Pruning

Hazard Pruning is a task we perform when a severe amount of dead material is on a tree. Hazard Pruning a tree has several advantages. Any dead material on a tree can be a hazard during a storm, due to that fact that dead material is more brittle and can break off the tree a lot easier as compared to a live branch. Dead material is also a direct gateway for disease and insects to make its way to a tree. Removing dead material can lessen the chance of a tree dying. Finally, hazard pruning improves the view of the tree, giving it a healthy clean look. For any pruning needs contact the professionals at Red oak Tree Service.