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Don't risk further damage to your property or potential injury. We are licensed and insured for your safety. How to tell if your trees are showing signs of dying (Click).

Clean Up

Worried about how to clear your yard of fallen trees or residual limbs after a bad storm? Let our professional team handle the mess.

Processing Material

We take care of every step of the removal process including removal and transportation of all processed material. Call (484) 730-1141 for a free estimate.

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Should my tree be removed?

There are certain factors that we look at before removing any tree. At Red Oak Tree Service we try to preserve as much as possible. Any removal that we can prevent is an ecological benefit. Some factors that make us perform tree removals are:

Unhealthy Trees:

Some trees have a difficult time adapting to environmental changes and unfortunately can go into a rapid decline state. Some things a homeowner can observe and keep note of for the tree in question; If it begins to lose foliage early before the fall season, large pieces of deadwood falling onto the ground, Staining of trunk or branches, or excessive fungi growth. These are just a few things you can look for but there are so many more factors! Have our expert team come out to further access

Hazardous Trees:

If a tree has been unhealthy for a long period of time and has been neglect to proper care, it can soon become a hazard to people and property. Removal of hazardous trees is a very tedious process and requires expert knowledge to handle. Some of our standard practices that we utilize to remove trees cannot be used when removing a hazardous tree. This is because the tree no longer has its strong fibrous cells holding it intact and is now compromised. We must utilize special equipment and techniques to safely remove.

Tree service aston

Storm Damage:

Storm damage can happen when we least expect it and almost never at a convenient time. If a tree has fallen on a structure or has fallen and leaned up against another tree it can be a very hazardous situation. The tree that has been storm damaged is compromised also the structure/object it has fallen on is compromised as well. The best thing a homeowner can do if this ever happens is to evacuate the area and contact Red Oak immediately. We will guide you through the process from helping you handle the insurance claim to the cleanup of the material. All after hour calls are forwarded to the foreman on call.

Storm Damage Service Glen Mills

Unwanted Trees:

Trees that are in the way of our landscape or potential development sites can be a nuisance. Allow Red Oak tree service to help. With our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques combined with our experienced crew members, Removals of unwanted trees are no problem for us. Also, you can be worry free knowing that Red Oak`s Tree Service insurance would cover up to 100% of damage if any were to occur.

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Ecological Benefits:

When choosing Red Oak Tree service, you are choosing a green company. We try to preserve as much as we can. We avoid tree removals and utilize our pruning techniques as much as we can if the situation allows it. All the material that is processed on the job site gets recycled! The wood chips from our chippers go to a mulch depot for further processing and will get turned into flower bed mulch. Any large material will be processed as firewood or sent to a lumber mill to be processed.

Tree Care and Maintenance

Let’s spot the issues before they become costly! Free property evaluations with Red Oak Tree Service! Call today to schedule!

Tree Pruning – Springfield

What we look for when removing a tree

When dealing with a diseased tree, At Red Oak Tree Service we make every attempt to save the life of it, rather than perform a complete removal. In doing this we can save our clients’ money and maintain our green company standard. Unfortunately, we cannot save every tree. If there is a large loss of foliage, holes in main branches, hollow trunks, or certain fungi’s covering most of the tree this may lead us to conclude that the tree should be removed.

Make sure you call us before you decide.

Brush Clean Up

We all know how annoying piles of branches in your yard can be. Call Red Oak today we can come out with our chipper and remove all debris piles.

Brush Clean Up Greenville
Before storm cleanup
Brush Removal Hockessin
After storm cleanup

Emergency Services

Red oak Tree Service operates 24/7 with a live phone covered and a crew ready you can call at any time and expect to speak to someone. Allow us to come out during the storm and after to assist with the cleanup.

At Red oak Tree Service, we even go the extra mile to keep our equipment up to date on the latest emissions standards. We encourage clean burring equipment to reduce pollutants in our atmosphere.

Tree care and maintenance

At Red Oak we spot issues before they become a major problem. Let us come out and survey your property. We can point out growth and pruning issues with your trees

Sawing the trunk

work site

work site